Music By Gallowayyys

Gallowayyys and gravity are mortal enemies in an immortal drama ~ where more of the same is never enough and anything goes in an infinite world.

Founder of Purely Platonic, Gallowayyys is a vocalist, producer, screenplay writer, and real life planes-walker from Earth. Growing up near Galveston, he was exposed to a melting pot of cultural beliefs, customs, and identities. His challenging upbringing presented unique obstacles that forced him to adapt quickly in the face of economic disadvantages and family addiction. His music and writing are meant to serve as the voice for which he can express the views of a marginalized youth in society. As a survival mechanism, he's evolved a unique methodology of balancing his serious persona against a backdrop of humor and adventure. As a result his artistic expressions effortlessly shift from a hedonistic focus on self indulgence and escapism, to deeper narratives that highlight the need for individuality in a society. In the past he has frequently looked to the lifestyle of Basquiat, Björk, and Prince for inspiration. He routinely takes stylistic risk blending numerous genres, like punk, 80s synth pop, indie electronic, and hyperpop.



Kenna Reid Arts

Hi, I'm Kenna Reid and I'm the artist behind all of SBD's artwork and designs. Sun Beam Dreams is a brand that amplifies your inner fantasies and brightens your own unique beam. I think we all have a special light that radiates from within that helps others and enriches the spaces we find ourselves in. Every space, whether a room, or the space around your phone should have soul boosting vibe that makes you feel as free and joyful as a child, and as radiant as the sun.
I love to make surreal dreamscapes that bursting with life and love. I draw inspiration from the vast universe, mother nature, and the power of the bond that unifies everything to create these vibrant and pastel utopias.
Life is worth celebrating and you are too. I think it's important to celebrate yourself and cherish life and the bountiful joys in your life when can be easily overlooked.